Protein Weight Loss

Overweight young women lose fat faster with high-protein diet

There are very few clinical researches on wieght management in young women. In this controlled trial from The University of Sydney they compared the efficacy of two restricted (5600kJ) diets.

71 young healthy women with BMI ≥ 27.5 were given two restricted diets (HP: 32% protein, 41% carbohydrate, 25% fat) and (HC: 20, 58, 21%). The study lasted 12 months and they measured weight, body composition and metabolic changes.

After six months the HP group showed greater weight loss compared to HC (p=0.06) but not statisticaly significant. Absolute weight ( p=0.034) and fat loss (p=0.022) were significantly greater. No significant between-diet differences were observed at 12 months.

Both diets supported clinically meaningful weight loss with HP group tending to be more effective in the medium-term.



  1. Griffin HJ, Cheng HL, O’Connor HT, Rooney KB, Petocz P, Steinbeck KS: Higher-protein diet for weight management in young overweight women: a 12 month randomised controlled trial. Diabetes Obes Metab. 2012 Dec 26.