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Fructus ligustri lucidi prevents bone loss; decreased fatigue


Fructus Ligustri Lucidi (Zhen Zi) has been traditionally used for treating bone disorders and for the treatment of age-related symptoms. According to Wang Ang [1], Fructus Ligustri Lucidi coupled with Herba Ecliptae can “Supplement the lower back and knees, strengthen the sinews and bones, strengthen the kidneys, and blacken hair”. Fructus ligustri has lately even been added to testosterone boosters.

Fructus Ligustri Lucidi may Prevent Bone Loss

Fructus ligustri lucidi extract has been reported to exert osteoprotective effect by improving bone turnover and calcium balance in both young [2] and aging [3] animals as well as postmenopausal women [4]. FLL extract has also prevented bone marrow loss in patients receiving chemoterapy [5]. Chun Hay Ko et al. [3] reported that aqueous extract of FLL significantly reduced lumbar spine bone mineral density loss in a dose-dependent manner without cytotoxic effects. Fructus ligustri lucidi extract can directly regulate vitamin D metabolism via increased renal 1-OHase and vitamin D receptor protein expression and activity [4,6], which further enhances calcium balance via increased vitamin D-dependent calcium transport [7]. This may in part explain reduced urinary and fecal calcium excretion [7].

Fructus ligustri lucidi extract seems to be an ideal oral agent for treatment and prevention (as alternative medicine) of postmenopausal osteoporosis.

Can Fructus Ligustri Improve Exercise Capacity (or Increase Testosterone)?

Shiyuan and associates [8] reported that 6 weeks of Fructus ligustri extract in combination with exhaustive exercise significantly increased antioxidant enzyme action in the kidneys of animal models and increased time to fatigue by 23.09%. Authors of this study concluded that FLL extract plays an important role in improving exercise capacity and delaying time to fatigue (in animals) [8]. Glutathione (GSH) content in kidneys was also significantly higher in FLL extract supplemented animals [8]. Extend the time to fatigue in animal models was also shown in another study which also reported increased NOS activity and NO production [9]. Nourishing effects of FLL on the liver and kidneys was also reported by Feng and colleagues [10]. The main finding in Feng et al. study [10] was the possible protective effect of ligustrum fruit on spermatogenesis and blood gonadal hormones in diabetic rats. The serum luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and testosterone levels were higher in FLL supplemented rats but failed to reach statistical significance [10].

Hypoglycemic Effect

Fructus ligustri lucidi (30 g/kg) was also reported to significantly decreased blood glucose level in normal mice after 10 days [11].

Side Effects and Toxicity

Unlike other osteoprotective agents, Fructus ligustri lucidi seems to be well tolerated and has no reported adverse effects. Chun Hay Ko et al. [3] reported no cytotoxic effects at either low or high dose.


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